How to buy a Mac and use it at work with Windows

by | Sep/30/2009

A CEO recently wrote that he would like to use his Mac at work, but his IT professionals do not know how to support it. One solution that many executives enjoy is to run both Windows and OS X on the Macintosh. Read more…

To keep your Mac and still get support for your Windows at work, get VMware Fusion (what I use), Parallels, or Boot Camp , and run Windows at the office. Then your IT professionals can support your “Windows” laptop (even though you have a Mac) and you can enjoy running Apple OS X for everything else.  Then you can “have the best of both worlds.”  This solution works for many people.

Please be sure to remember to run Windows anti-virus and all your patches and updates on both Microsoft and Apple operating systems, and all of your applications on both operating systems as well. This includes all your adobe reader updates, flash updates, iTunes patches, Office patches, Java patches if you install Java, browser patches like Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer, etc.

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