Macs Will Take Over Business Networks

by | Jul/8/2014

Everyone knows Macs are cool. Many executives now use Macs. Mac computers may displace Windows PCs and Laptops as company computers. Many companies still use Windows computers at work even though employees own Apple products. Why not go Apple all the way? Is that what you have been waiting for?

Like in the pod days of Mainframe environments, technology has “come full circle” and today, big servers crunch data and user computers are merely interfaces to connect the user to the main servers.

Start now. Find out if you can make the switch to Mac today. Ask your IT Pros if your network is configured such that no software really runs on your computers. If so, those computers, like Thin Clients, function as screens and keyboards.

That means that your users are able to use Macs to be the screen and keyboard and still do everything that they do using a PC Desktop or Laptop.

To begin with, some of the Mac users will see the standard “Windows” desktop appear on their Mac for programs that “only run in Windows.” More and more though, you can access programs via a browser interface (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).

Over time, especially as IT Pros (gasp!) start to adopt this way of thinking, Macs may take over your office and you will be cooler than ever before.

VMware is a big player in virtualization technology and their VP of marketing explores this concept in more detail – including statistics about why people love Macs and why (some) IT Pros may need to take a new look at Macs:

There are so many details, and some important decisions to make, but my goal is to keep this short. Mostly I want to pique your interest. Did it work?

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