Major Flaw in Computer Processors Affects Security

by | Jan/4/2018

A security vulnerability, that has existed for 10 years, has only recently been discovered.

A patch for Linux has been released and Microsoft plans to release a patch next Tuesday. Apple will release a patch for OSX.

For understandable reasons, many organizations are significantly behind schedule in applying patches. The patch won’t help protect your organization until the patch is applied to your computers.

A big concern is that the patch is predicted to have a major impact on performance. Estimates of the degradation in the performance range from 0% to 30%. If you have computers that are slow anyway, this will matter to you.

Additionally, this vulnerability affects computers in the cloud too. Amazon and Microsoft have announced that they are working on patching their cloud servers.

Ask IT what the status is of your patches for all of your operating systems, and make a plan for getting your patches up to date.