Make Contingency Plans to Prepare for an Attack Against Critical Infrastructure

by | Apr/7/2022

An executive asked for a short list of what they should be doing now to prepare for the unlikely event of a disruption to our critical infrastructure. Here are some basics:

  • Make contingency plans for what you’ll do if the power goes out for an extended time.
  • Consider how you’ll respond if you’re unable to use your online banking.
  • What is your plan if one of your vendors or SaaS providers shuts down for an extended period?
  • Make contingency plans in case your Internet Service Provider goes down.
  • What will you do if fuel becomes unavailable as it was to some regions after the Colonial Pipeline attack?
  • What if your shipping companies cannot deliver packages to you or your customers?
  • Should you take out enough cash to make payroll for your next pay cycle?

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