Three secrets about managing IT pros

by | May/16/2012

Of course, you know the solution to managing IT pros, both in-house and out-sourced, should be somewhere between “Give them free range” and “tie their hands.” Here are three key points perhaps nobody has told you before:

Discern wants from needs—just be sure you are making an informed decision. For example, you may think that IT just wants that new server, but taking care of your six year old server may be more expensive than buying a new one.

Be Realistic—You may want IT to totally revamp an old application or perhaps an old infrastructure that is left over from the other guys. Be sure you provide IT the time and resources to add this to their schedule.

Reward Properly—Rather than saying “good job” when IT fixes something, ask them, “What will you do to prevent this next time?” Stop paying outsourced IT consultants an hourly rate. How long it takes to accomplish a task or solve a problem is irrelevant. Paying them by the hour incentivizes them to learn on the job at your expense.

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