Microsoft Lets You Stop Using Passwords

by | Sep/17/2021

Attackers steal passwords, people forget passwords, resetting passwords is a pain. Microsoft provides a way to remove passwords from your Microsoft account.

That way, you can log in without passwords to Microsoft Office, Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, Windows, and other Microsoft products.

You still must prove it is you logging in, and you could use a text message code as you might already, but you could skip the password part. Other authentication options include receiving phone calls, plugging in a USB hardware key, facial recognition, or use the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone or tablet.

Microsoft tells you how:

The Microsoft Authenticator App on your phone is more secure than a text message. Attackers can capture or redirect text messages to themselves and log in to your account. If you use the Microsoft Authenticator App, then, when everything is working as planned, an attacker would need access to your phone before they could impersonate you.

And you might choose to use a two-step login to access your most sensitive websites and applications.

Passwords are so inconvenient, and many people use poor passwords anyway. Now Microsoft provides a way that they won’t need to bother with the passwords at all. Tell your friends.