Microsoft releasing important patch Today at 1pm Eastern

by | Dec/17/2008

Early this week a major bug was discovered in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer – IE – that would allow code imbedded in web sites to potentially exploit the computers who visit those sites. This has many people wondering if they should use a different browser besides IE.

Some people choose to use a different browser other than IE. I use Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer depending on the task. You may choose to switch browsers or use other browsers as well. Just keep in mind that ALL browsers need to stay patched and current. If your organization uses WSUS for patches, keep in mind that WSUS will patch IE but will not patch Firefox centrally – a reason to consider staying on IE.

The most important thing is, no matter what browser you use, be sure to keep all the applications, operating systems, and firmware in your devices patched with the latest security patches. If you continue to use IE, be sure to backup your computers and apply the patch using a staged deployment when Microsoft releases the patch on Wednesday.


  1. Rick Mars

    How do you know if you need it and how do you install it?

  2. Theresa Pallo

    Can you post a link to the patch?

  3. Mike Foster

    Theresa, the link to the Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP (KB960714) is

    Rick, on a personal machine, the easiest way to get to the update is to use Internet Explorer to go to and choose “Security and Updates” from the menu bar going across the top of the screen. Then, on that menu, choose Microsoft Update. Choose the “Express” button. Microsoft will scan your computer and tell you which high-priority updates your computer needs. You can install them. Of course, as always, have a good backup of your computer before you patch it.


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