No More Passwords

by | Dec/24/2015

How do you feel about giving up passwords entirely? You may have that option soon.

You’ll enter a username, and your phone will buzz to ask you if it is really you who is attempting to log in. Just keep your phone with you, and passwords may be a thing of the past.

But protect your phone so that an unauthorized person doesn’t gain access to it. Would you be willing to risk it? At least nobody thousands of miles away would come to steal your phone. But what about someone else in your office that gains access to your phone and approves a bogus logon so they could do you harm?

The obvious less convenient, but more secure, solution is two-step logon where you enter a user name and password, then your phone buzzes asking you to confirm. Someone else stealing your phone won’t help them at all, as long as they don’t know your password too.