One Nine-Year-Old Checking her Email can Breach Your Entire Organization, and How to Protect Yourself

by | Oct/7/2020

Workers who use their personal home computers for business put you at significant risk.

When another family member shares a work-from-home computer, it magnifies your risk exponentially. If users already work from home using personal home computers, there are potentially cost-free steps to help protect your organization. Consider allowing them to take their work computer home. If their work computer doesn’t have wireless access, you can provide an inexpensive USB wireless adapter.

Allow your IT professionals, or IT consultants, to monitor and maintain the security of those computers. Many protection tools support remote users, so you might already have what you need.

Dedicated work computers must remain off-limits to other family members. Set a firm boundary that your workers are not authorized to use the computers for any purpose other than working.

Please forward this to your friends, so they know this cost-free way to help protect work-from-home users.