Online safety not a priority for families?

by | Jan/27/2010

I’m having a revelation in my career—home users care more about other issues than they care about IT security. Can this be true?

Businesses focus on IT security, especially after they experience a breach.

Consumers also bombard me with questions after my presentations saying they want their home and family to be secure.

I built a not-for-profit web site ( with short instructional videos to help consumers be safe online. To date, only 500 visitors in 3 months have viewed videos on the site.

Maybe there is less traffic because the site does not answer their needs, the videos are confusing or boring, or is it just that our demanding lives in 2010 push IT security way down the list below other more pressing matters at home?

In my own family, we focus on school, homework, after school events, doctor appointments, the pets, and pretty much everything else we feel will provide the best possible upbringing for the family. And, yes, that includes weekly dates for my wife and me away from the kids.

IT security is a big priority at our household, although it is largely “hands off” since the processes are automated and the systems take care of themselves. Maybe that is the disconnect—many families don’t know where to start, fear they will be confused, so they decide, consciously or unconsciously, to deal with computer security “first thing tomorrow” and focus on more pressing issues instead.

If nothing else, I sleep better at night being able to send people to when they ask questions like, “How do I stay safe on Facebook?” or “How do I make my WiFi wireless networking secure at home?” I’m also happy to give you a place to send people who ask you the same questions.

If you want to, please respond on this blog with your ideas on how we can help consumers realize the importance of IT security before they experience a problem of some kind.