Passwords are Difficult to Remember

by | Dec/20/2012

Many executives hear of Password Managers that will remember your passwords so you don’t have to. Are the password management programs trustworthy?

You can never feel positive that password managers will keep your passwords secure. So, separate your passwords into 2 groups:

  1. Passwords You Need to Keep Really Secure—write these down and enter them manually. Example: Bank passwords
  2. Passwords that Protect what You Feel are Lower Security Resources. Example: Airline web site logins.

If you are going to use a password manager program to remember your passwords, only trust it with the second group of passwords. Remember your most important password in your mind.

I agree that having to enter the passwords is too much trouble! This is one of those risks vs. productivity quandaries.

Please post your comments, especially about password managers you like to use.