The importance of physical security audits

by | Mar/9/2011

In addition to IT security audits, many organizations are also required to perform physical security audits as well.

It is easy to understand why physical security audits are required since, even if your IT security is wonderful, a burglar could easily break into a facility and steal intellectual property, products, and a number of items that could lead to a loss in your credibility.

Physical security even includes examining how prepared you are from major weather incidents to becoming prepared if someone comes into your organization with a gun. Locks are examined, practices of your team members, security policies, security alarm response time, and the effectiveness of video security CCTV cameras. Even the lighting around your building at night is important to have examined. Physical security auditors frequently have more than 200 checkpoints to examine so you can feel more confident that you are prepared.

The more prepared you are, including both IT and physical security, the better you will survive, and hopefully protect against, a breach of some kind. Not only that, you may be required by regulations to be audited for physical security.

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