A powerful Windows built-in firewall

by | Nov/16/2011

While the firewall included with Windows XP was the brunt of many jokes, there is no joking about the power of the Windows 7 firewall! First of all, the firewall knows the difference between your office, home, and hot spot networks and can protect your computer accordingly.

In fact, the firewall is now referred to as the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.

Your IT professionals have a great deal of control over what is, and is not, allowed into your computers. Furthermore, there is a great deal of control over what information is allowed out of a machine. These advanced settings can make the difference between your network being infected or not.

In case you wonder, your IT professionals can keep those users from modifying the firewall settings on their own. And, because of robust support for something IT professionals call GPOs, your IT professionals can configure all or even a subset of the computers in your organization rapidly and with just a moment’s notice.

As an executive, unless you already have a robust firewall in place, the “already included with Windows 7” firewall is worth serious consideration.

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