Prepare Now to Recover Quickly from Ransomware on Mac and Windows Computers

by | Jan/28/2021

Equip all of your Work from Home users with a cloned drive so they can help protect your network and get up and running quickly if they get ransomware or if their hard drive crashes. Protect your home family computers the same way.

Cloning a hard drive creates a second drive that looks, to a computer, identical to the source drive. If your laptop or computer gets ransomware or seems infected somehow, you can restore a cloned drive’s image to effectively reset the computer to how it was when you most recently made a clone. Additionally, if the hard drive crashes, the clone could quickly replace that drive’s functionality.

Create frequent clones of your computer’s hard disk to one or more external USB hard drives. Keep making your other backups too.

For Windows computers, Microsoft provides the System Image Creation feature. Commercial options include Shadow Protect Desktop from StorageCraft and Acronis True Image.

For Macs, options include Carbon Copy Cloner, Acronis True Image, and SuperDuper! Check compatibility with your version of OSX. Apple Time Machine is always compatible, and it is possible to boot into recovery mode to restore a drive from Time Machine, but it’s not a clone.

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Please forward this to your friends to ensure they know cloned hard drives often permit speedy recovery of ransomed computers. If they have a clone image of a hard drive, work from home users can likely stay productive even when their computer malfunctions.