Capitalize on data services price drops

by | Jun/30/2010

In this economy, data service providers are dropping prices rapidly.

It is beneficial, every year or so, to have someone in your organization shop around for data service rates for your business.

Most of my clients report findings such as, “We now have twice the data rate for one half the price!”

If you have not shopped around lately, now is a great time to do so! Remember to call telephone companies, cable services, fiber providers, and even fixed wireless if it is available in your area.

If you have multiple locations, you may even find that an MPLS solution, where the telephone company handles much of the traffic routing between locations, is a good option for your organization.

After you save money at the office, have your users check their homes as well. I just upgraded our home to a new provider for half the price that is providing two thirds of a T3’s speed for downstream data—speeds I’d only dreamed of before. The Internet is a whole new experience at these speeds! Remember too that commercial service to your business will cost more than residential service to homes, as well as often provide much faster upstream connections than residential services.

Please post your findings on the blog.