Protect Your Kids from Cyber Dangers

by | Dec/22/2014

Know about a free tool that helps you protect your kids from cyber threats while they are both online and offline, limit the hours of use, and if you want to, monitor their cyber behavior…

Families of many executives will be getting new computers during the Holiday Season. Those new computers will come with Windows 8.1, along with a free tool designed to help you to protect your kids, find out what they are doing on their computers, and impose healthy boundaries.

To help your kids be responsible, Microsoft Family Safety helps you:

  • Receive activity reports
  • Set time limits and curfews
  • Set limits on games and apps
  • Restrict what websites kids can visit
  • Have different settings for each of your kids
  • Kids can ask for permission, even when you aren’t with them

Microsoft provides a clear and concise tutorial for parents here: Keep your Kids Safer on the PC

You might even get your e-savvy kids to help you set it up… Just don’t tell them your password, so they can’t change the settings later…

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