Protect Yourself and Your Organization – New Ransomware Outbreak with Added Poison

by | Jun/28/2017

A new strain of Ransomware, dubbed P e t y a, is gaining momentum infecting companies and home users. Worst of all, in addition to holding files ransom until you pay up, it appears to be infiltrating corporate networks to steal usernames and passwords too. Be sure that you:

1. Apply the most recent security patches including the ones for Flash and Java.
2. Use click-to-play in your browsers to stop them from automatically running scripts.
3. Be sure all users are local standard users.

Find more details at https://www.fosterinstitute dot com/blog/patching-10-steps-to-seal-the-holes-in-your-armor/

Please forward this to your friends and business associates so they can be sure that they are protected too.