Protect Yourself: Do Not Connect a New Computer to the Internet

by | Jun/21/2017

Some people turn on a brand new computer, connect to the Internet, and download anti-virus to the their new computer. When you think about it…It would be better to install anti-virus on the new computer, and have more protection, before connecting it to the Internet.

This involves going to a computer you trust that is well protected, and downloading the installation files for the anti-virus program that you will install on your new computer.

Then you can copy the anti-virus installation files to the new machine, install anti-virus, and then connect to the Internet so your new computer can get patches, etc.

Of course, if the old computer that you use to download the files is infected, there is a good chance that the new computer will catch that virus too – so be sure you trust the old computer.

Please forward this to everyone you know who might otherwise be tempted to connect a new computer to the internet before installing anti-virus first.