Remember to Give Your IT Pros a Holiday Gift

by | Dec/17/2019

Your IT Team pours out so much time and energy. If you aren’t already, you can brighten their holidays by giving them a gift.

The work they do is often so complicated, yet they make it look easy. Unless you are a high-tech executive, it can be difficult to appreciate how sometimes your team accomplishes a miracle.

In some organizations, the only time the IT team gets noticed is when something technology-related stops functioning correctly.

IT pros, by nature, need to invest more than 40 hours a week to keep up with rapidly changing technology. That doesn’t include responses to the helpdesk crises and completing the projects assigned to them.

Executives reading this newsletter already feel compassion for and support their IT teams. But just in case you know an executive who doesn’t, or the gift slipped their mind, please forward this message to them. And why not add an IT Appreciation Day to company calendars?

Happy Holidays – and you deserve a bunch of credit too!