Some salaries for IT professionals

by | Jan/19/2011

Business Week just released a report on the 100 fastest growing salaries, and it is no surprise that IT positions are on the list.

A slide show in Business Week about the Bureau of Labor Statistics illustrates a list of the top rising salaries from 2000 to 2009. Some of the IT related positions include:

  • Computer and information systems managers
    • 2009 salary: $113,720—44% gain
  • Computer software engineers, systems software
    • 2009 salary: $93,470—34% gain
  • Network and computer systems administrators
    • 2009 salary: $67,710—32% gain
  • Computer systems analysts
    • 2009 salary: $77,080—30% gain
  • Computer software engineers, applications
    • 2009 salary: $87,480—29% gain

I appreciate Alan Hague for sending the link to the slide show of the top 50 rising salaries.
Click here to watch the slide show.

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