Save money – protect your servers from heat

by | Jul/21/2010

In a data center, the temperature should remain a constant temperature of 70-74 degrees Fahrenheit (21-23 degrees Centigrade) for the best system reliability and comfort levels. Many of the organizations I audit have servers running very hot—especially in the summer months.

Excessive temperatures in server rooms can cause servers to fail prematurely. Electronic devices generate heat that needs to be dissipated quickly to protect the equipment in your data center.

It is also important to have adequate ventilation and fans to circulate the air through the servers so that the temperature inside the computer chassis remains cool as well.

Additionally, it is useful to put monitors in the server room so that if the air conditioning fails at night or over a weekend, alerts will be automatically generated to notify appropriate personnel who can come in to fix the problem before the servers are damaged.

While you are at it, lock your server rooms to prevent intrusion, monitor for floods if that is an issue in your building, and use appropriate power filtering to prevent electrical surges and spikes from damaging your servers.

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