Security Breaches are Preventable

by | Jul/22/2015

After security breaches, in order for the victim companies to feel better, executives are often led to believe that and they choose to announce that, “There is nothing we could have done to prevent the breach anyway”. So, in their minds, they validate that it is ok they didn’t take any preventative actions beforehand.

They may feel better, but the thought that they couldn’t have prevented it is nonsense. And, the executives may have been fed that nonsense by some company wanting to CYA.

Don’t be foolish. Go with the same energy and drive that you use to run the rest of your organization. Yes, there are important steps – often very inexpensive steps – that can vastly increase your company’s resilience to attacks.

This isn’t an advertisement – it needs to be a wake-up call to all executives: More than 90% of the companies we audit have at least one major security flaw of which they were unaware.

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