Why Siri is Such a Big Deal–Are You Serious?

by | Mar/7/2012

New artificial intelligence tools, such as Siri, are a big deal since they “grow better” every second of every day. Since Siri is “hosted in the cloud” that means scientists can monitor and update Siri in real-time.

Whether you find Siri useful or not, the most exciting part is that Siri is indicative of what is to follow—from Apple or another vendor.

As with any service that is based in the cloud, the service providers have the opportunity to fine tune, upgrade, and repair said services.

Here is an entertaining, short, four-minute film of what might happen if Siri takes her intelligence too far: www.flixxy.com/psycho-siri-short-film.htm

Keep an eye on the new offerings that allow interpretations of voice inflection, such as an angry or happy voice, recognition of facial expressions, and other ways computers will become more “human”. Service providers literally have the opportunity to improve the intelligence every minute of every day.

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