Easily steal the information from a computer

by | Aug/5/2009

I am in the business of helping you keep your computers safe. You need to know how easy it is for someone to take your data from you. Here is a video.

There is a wonderful product on the market that will make backups of your computer quickly and easily. The problem is, a criminal can use this product to steal your information. This is supposed to be a short sales video, and I want you to consider how you would feel about the video if a criminal used this to steal your computer’s information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-aHtWOYGvg

And, in their support, I see this as a very useful tool for home users who never back up their computers – and risk losing years of precious photos of their family. I bought one for myself to show to executives and recommend for people who do not make backups because they feel backups are too much trouble. This is a great tool in your hands for use on your own computer.

There are other ways cyber criminals can steal your data, but you can slow them down if you never leave your computer unattended and logged in if you store any private information such as credit card numbers, banking information, social security numbers, etc.  In Windows, you can use the key combination “windows-L” to lock your screen. You need a secure password.  That makes it more difficult, though not impossible, to steal your data.

Summary: Great tool in your hands; horrible tool for hackers to use against you.