Stop Hidden Attacks Buried in Email Attachments

by | Jul/9/2018

When you receive an email attachment, even when you are expecting the document and know the sender, the attached file can be poisoned. 
And the friend or associate who sends you the attachment probably does not know that the file is infected.

A term to know is macro. It is a set of automated instructions like a program. Emailed Attachments may contain macros.

Macros can contain malicious code that will infect your computer, and give an attacker full access to your computer and network.

If you ever see a message on your screen instructing you to enable macros, refuse.

Your IT department, or IT provider, can disable macros.

At home – you can do it yourself. Find step-by-step instructions by searching the web using the search terms: Disable Macros Office.

On a Windows computer, open each Office application, choose File, Options, Trust Center, Trust Settings, and choose the option to disable all macros with notification.

On a Mac, choose Preferences from the menu in each Office application. In Word, the preferences settings will show up when you pull down the menu labeled Word. Then select Security and Privacy settings. Choose to disable macros with notification.

Forward this message to users who use their computers to work from home, so they can make sure their computers are safe. That will protect your network.

Please forward this to your friends, so they know how dangerous macros are too.