Mike speaks our language and doesn’t get caught up in jargon or theory… he offers straight, real-world solutions I can go back and start using right away. He’s a great speaker, knows his stuff and is well worth the price.


Wow! I was amazed by the amount of custom information included in the program. Its timing was perfect, and Mike’s knowledge was excellent. I definitely increased my understanding of the Internet and the growing number of security issues IT must continue to...


Mike’s positive attitude and interactive style really helped make everything much easier to follow. He offered a lot of specific to do’s for when I got back to the office; I understand the need for developing a more comprehensive IT strategy.


Mike is extremely knowledgeable on many security-related topics, which makes his speaking engagements informative and enjoyable. Just hearing his program really increased my own awareness of what’s going on today in our industry.


Some professional speakers can seem cold or aloof, but I was delighted to find Mike approachable, interesting, and easy to listen to. I found his information to be on the money and truly viable. After hearing Mike speak and benefiting from his insight, I know what I...