I believe that I said before that one of the most notable changes since your visit is the awareness of issues that are often overlooked or seen as ‘unimportant,’ which are actually critical to the department’s efficiency (and sanity).


Whether management wants to admit it or not, IT security should be a growing concern for every company that does business on the Internet today. We’re lucky to have people like Mike around to help protect our interests. His content was excellent, contemporary and...


I was amazed not only by the depth of your program, but also by the fact you kept everyone involved in the subject. Your discussion on laptop encryption alone would have made the trip worthwhile! I appreciated your pitch to the CEOs, many of whom are not informed...


Mike is very good at what he does, and his knowledge of IT security issues is obviously extensive. I came away with some additional tools to research, try out and put in place.


Not only are you well informed, but you are able to communicate your information on multiple levels at the same time—to IT professionals and to the CEOs. I learned a lot from your program, and plan to check out all of the free information you supplied to us about...