Mike speaks our language and doesn’t get caught up in jargon or theory… he offers straight, real-world solutions I can go back and start using right away. He’s a great speaker, knows his stuff and is well worth the price.


Mike did an outstanding job covering a broad range of topics. His knowledge is impressive, and his anecdotes and stories helped us understand his message. Thanks for the new tools you offered and the ‘wake-up call’ to management everywhere.


Normally the content covered might have been too much, but your mix of information and humor made it all easily digestible. You gave us an outstanding security review, kept us involved and got us thinking.


Mike did a great job of keeping the energy up throughout his program. His security ideas are so simple and easy to implement that I almost feel like I should have thought of them myself! This was time well spent, and I am going to put his advice to work...


You presented a lot of great content in a way that kept it interesting and entertaining. In addition to your sound advice concerning viruses, spam, spyware and hack attempts, I also found your tips to improve website visibility very helpful. I learned a lot and...