The Best Computer So Far

by | Feb/7/2013

Busy executives need a lightweight laptop and tablet and the Lenovo Yoga computer is the solution. Want to synchronize your programs and data between your laptop and your tablet? That’s easy to do when your laptop is your tablet!

I do not resell the Yoga and am in no way affiliated with Lenovo nor am I paid in any way by them. The Yoga has nothing to do with being able to contort your body in ways that most of us can only dream of.

The Lenovo Yoga (Google it) is on hinges so you can use the device in a “laptop” configuration. When you want to, just fold the Yoga flat and it becomes a tablet. The 11″ model feels more like a tablet when folded. I’m using the 13″ and it isn’t as small or lightweight as my iPad, but there are no “synchronization” or “compatibility” issues to deal with since Apple can be “out of the picture” if you want.

There is no “removable keyboard” to have to keep up with like with other new convertible computers. The keyboard is one of the best ones you will find on a small computer. The engineers at Lenovo made it a priority to ensure the keys on the keyboard have more “travel” up and down than other small keyboards.

It is of course a “touch screen” to make interacting very easy. Yes, it is Windows 8, and keep in mind that Windows (basically) has Windows 7 built in for all of your existing programs to run too.

The machine boots amazingly fast. I thought I’d dislike the “orange” color, but it is a nice “burnt orange” color that almost feels rubbery when you hold it.

The list goes on… To put it simply, the Yoga combined with Windows 8 is the best computing experience I’ve ever had—so far…

What about the new Microsoft Surface Pro? For me, I need an excellent keyboard, and the Surface isn’t going to work—at least not for a full use machine. Would I carry one as a separate tablet? Maybe. Stay tuned…