The Invisible Threat Can Kill Your Company

by | Mar/24/2016

Executives: How could any responsible IT professional, who is devoted to you and very capable, fail to protect your network? Simple. Executives, please recognize that there are two categories of problems IT professionals need to solve.

Problems that are visible, and problems that are invisible. The IT professional knows they need to do both.

An example of a visible problem would be if users were unable to send or receive e-mail attachments. That’s visible, people are frustrated, and IT professionals are expected to fix that.

An example of an invisible problem is that perhaps your network’s servers do not have a functioning anti-virus solution. This problem, fairly common because of resource availability and performance, is “invisible” since there is a good chance that nobody knows outside of your IT team.

Now, throw into the mix the fact that most IT professionals are so busy they will never get caught up.

So, executives, what do you do when you are faced with choosing, if you can only pick one, to fix something that is visible, or invisible? IF you want to be appreciated, or avoid getting criticized, you will work on the visible.

Then, when the servers get hacked, everyone wonders why. Be sure you have the discussion about visible vs. invisible tasks now.

That is how.