The Secret of the Tile Guy

by | Sep/26/2013

One of our best clients told me about what would have otherwise been a mundane event: Replacement of floor tiles by their local “Tile Guy”. However, this turned out to be pretty exciting. Let me share with you this (slightly dramatized) story: It was a dark and stormy night, and the “Tile Guy” only works at night…

The tile guy assured the company that, even though all floor tiles will be replaced with new ones, the desks and everything else would stay right where they are on the floor. He can “magically” install the floor tiles without needing to lift or move anything in the office. Not the desks. Not printers. Not anything. “Everything will still be exactly where you left it”, he proclaimed to the stunned employees and executives alike. Some of them murmured, “Maybe Santa Clause helps him…”

The IT professionals – shaking their heads in disbelief – asked the tile guy, “Are you sure you don’t at least want us to move the computers and wires from everyone’s desk?” There was a hint of concern in their voice. Even though the datacenter was locked and “off limits” to the tile guy, he could still cause problems by moving the cables, etc.

The tile guy told them that there was no need to move even the computers. He can make the old tiles go away and the new tiles appear in their place without moving a thing.

The IT Professionals, being the intellectual types we are, scratched their heads. This “magic tile replacement” needs some investigation.

At the end of the day, the IT guys headed out the door with everyone else, the tile guy waving goodbye from inside the building. Then, surreptitiously, the IT guys came back into the office, to learn what was really going on.

Note: The only reason I’m telling you this guy’s secret methods he uses at work is that your business can benefit from knowing…

Peeking around a corner, they witnessed the tile guy kneeling down on the floor inside a cubicle, phone in hand, turning slowly in a circle. He was using the camera feature to record a panoramic picture of where everything in that office was located. The panoramic photo would show position, angle, and every detail. He moved on to the next desk and did the same thing, and so on.

So that’s how he knew how to put everything back in place as if it had never moved!

The IT guys snuck back out of the office, undetected, and acted appropriately shocked the next day when everything was neatly perfectly in place on top of the brand new tiles.

We thought that is a pretty clever use of a smartphone, in a work environment, to create “magic” for his customers.

Here is the “so what:” What magic do you do now, or could you do, using your smartphone to “wow” your customers? Post your own stories…