These Short and Fun IT Videos Can Protect You!

by | Oct/24/2013

Always remember: The best IT security controls can be thwarted by human ignorance. Here are fun videos to help you train your users in an enjoyable way. One of our training videos currently holds the #1 spot on a major university’s “Our Favorite Security Videos.” As of now, 50,022 users have viewed the video. To see the video, you can visit Or you can Google: Wireless hacking demo Mike Foster

Additionally, this topic is so important to communicate to users, that we hired a professional video production company a few years ago to create a “humorous” video that they “guaranteed” would go viral. Well, it didn’t go viral, and we feel it is still pretty clever: Or Google search for: Office romance goes wrong when someone gets a hold of your personal information. Facebook Identity Theft

The following videos are short, professional, and entertaining:
Or you can Google: Fraud Videos and Audio

The video at the bottom of the page is particularly entertaining.

Post some of your favorite video sources in the comments below.