Three of the Most Useful Links About the SolarWinds Attack:

by | Jan/7/2021

Even if you don’t use SolarWinds, your suppliers and customers might. In some cases, your security is only as good as their security.

There are so many webpages about the Solar Winds attack. Here are three of the most useful. Please forward this to your IT team.

Do not let the title of this Microsoft article fool you. Microsoft explains how the attack starts and progresses, complete with diagrams. Not only is this page fascinating reading about this horrible attack, understanding the tactics helps your team protect you from future supply chain attacks:

Microsoft’s recommendations about how to protect Office 365:

SUPERNOVA is malware that different attackers made to impersonate the SolarWinds SUNBURST attack, and it is dangerous too. SolarWinds addresses both in their comprehensive information about determining if SolarWinds installations are affected and how to protect your organization:

Please forward this message to other organizations you care about, especially your suppliers, so their IT Pros have three of the most useful links amongst the dozens of others.