Three Serious Trends to Watch Out for in Cyber Security

by | Jan/18/2018

First, are your servers backed up to the cloud? The use of online backup will continue to grow. Organizations are finding out, sometimes the hard way, the importance of being able to restore data quickly. Downtime can be extremely expensive for some organizations, so make sure you can restore quickly enough, especially if your data is stored in the cloud. Test your restore process.

Second, attackers will target, more than ever before, organizations who store protected health information. If you are in healthcare, or even if your company name makes it sound like you are in healthcare, ramp up security to unprecedented levels and have a plan of what to do when you are breached.

Third, more attackers will use trusted security software as a vector to infect networks. Attackers already infected the program called C-Cleaner, used by millions of people to, among other things, speed up slow Windows computers. C-Cleaner is a very useful, and trusted, security program. Unfortunately, this tool became a powerful attack tool when attackers took over the update server. What program, one that you trust, will attackers take over to use as a vector to hack your computer?

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