Top Conversations: The Executive’s Playbook for Conversing with AI (short fast-paced video)

by | Mar/30/2023

Looking to harness the power of AI for your business? See this must-watch, fast-paced video for both beginners and experts that gives you more than 20 example questions to ask AI, and how to tailor them to work best for you:
1. Summarize Documents and Literature
2. Access Information in Online Videos
3. Identify Differences in Viewpoints
4. Write Speeches
5. Write Social Media Posts
6. Multi-Lingual Communication
7. Develop a Plan for a Training Program
8. Increase customer satisfaction
9. Write a Memo
10. Suggest Sales Techniques
11. Write a Script for a TV Commercial
12. Research Prospects
13. Generate Surveys
14. Role-play Job Candidates
15. Write Strategic Plans
16. Write Project Plans
17. Extract Data from Long Documents
18. Teach Pivot Table Creation
19. Spreadsheet Formulas and Steps
20. Write Programs
21. Optimize Business Operations
22. Help You Innovate
23. Provide Multi-Cultural Guidance

The video is just under 8 minutes, and it goes quickly. Enjoy and prosper!