Two Tips to Make Your Online Meetings Better

by | May/15/2020

Everyone is concerned about video conferencing security, and they should be. But when the hardware and software are not working right, safety seems like a distraction.

Use at least two monitors. You can often separate the presentation so that you see slides on one screen and all the participants’ faces on another. When you buy new, seek 4K resolution. Investigate 15-inch portable monitors if you need to move around, or 27-inch screens if portability isn’t necessary.

Second, straining to hear someone’s voice over a poor connection is very distracting. Rather than using your computer’s built-in mic, consider using a suitable USB Microphone. Position the mic close to your mouth. Some people prefer headset mics – especially if they are in a noisy environment. I wear a wireless lapel mic when presenting online keynote speeches and webinars. All of those provide better sound than a laptop’s built-in mic.

Please forward this to everyone you know because, when their video conferences run smoothly, they can pay more attention to security and being mindful of what they say. Stay safe!