USA Attacking Other Countries with Viruses

by | Jul/3/2012

The New York Times ran a story on June 1 saying it is likely that the USA and Israel launched the Stuxnet worm to attack Iran’s nuclear capabilities

This cyber-warfare attack was allegedly approved by Bush and Obama approved the release of the attack. The worm apparently infected Iranian uranium enrichment plants. Read more on cyberattacks against Iran and how cyberwar worked.

It also turns out that the worm known as “Flame” behaves similarly to Stuxnet and is likely related to Stuxnet. Both of these worms are designed to gather sensitive information from other nations.

And, there is a newer worm named IXESHE, pronounced “I Sushi,” that is even more sneaky than Conficker, Stuxnet, or Flame.

These attacking programs are very difficult to detect and also very adept at stealing sensitive data.

How do you feel about this new type of warfare?

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