Useful utility helps patch your computer

by | Mar/25/2009

Out of date applications can be slow, have bugs, and even be security risks.

If you have never tried the scans at you may want to. There is a simple online version of the scan and also more in depth scans you can purchase. One of the most useful parts of the program is that it shows you where to find patches and updates that your system needs to be fully functional.

When Secunia scans your computer, it will look at many applications other than Microsoft. If any of your applications are out of date, it will show you how to fix your system.

The tool helped me track down problems on a new laptop I was building recently. In addition to helping me find patches for applications, it helped me identify that I had multiple copies of tools installed. The multiple copies were causing other problems on my new machine including the dreaded blue screen of death.

Really the only concern is that a cybercriminal could redirect you to put the wrong patches on your system potentially causing an infection. If you trust the professionals at Secunia, they can help you avoid being redirected to the “wrong” site for your patches.  I found the tool so useful I want you to know about it as well to see if you like it too.

As always, check with your IT professionals to get their approval, and maybe even assistance, and you may find Secunia fixes some bugs you always wondered how to resolve.  At the very least, it can potentially make your system more secure.