Video Conferencing – Avoid Installing Meeting Programs When Possible

by | May/1/2020

CEOs and Executives: Avoid installing video conferencing software on your computer just because some other company tells you to. When you launch video conferencing programs, many of them ask you to install a program or app on your computer or device. What if the program is a virus?

Here is another essential tactic to help protect your remote workers.

There’s a company in Saint Louis that ran into a problem your organization might face too.

Their remote workers must attend many video conference calls, online meetings, webinars, and online training sessions. Their IT Pro doesn’t want to install different programs on his users’ computers if he can avoid it.

As you know, a significant way to improve cybersecurity is to uninstall nonessential software, not to add more programs.

The company’s savvy IT Pro discovered an excellent solution. He found that all of the video conferencing and training tools his team needs can run inside their already-installed browsers. They don’t need to download and install extra software. They have Zoom already, but workers use their browsers for other kinds of meetings. They may not get all the advanced functionality, but they can still participate in the sessions just fine.

Please forward this to your friends so that they know, to improve cybersecurity, avoid installing software or apps whenever possible. Their IT Pro may find that workers can participate in many meetings using their browser only, without needing to increase the attack surface by installing more software.