Is video best for Security Awareness Training?

by | Oct/19/2011

So you realize you need to require Security Awareness Training for everyone in your organization in order to help increase your IT security. What is the best way to deliver that training? Live training? Computer based learning? Videos?

Points to remember about instruction delivered over videos and/or the Internet:

  • Provide 60 minutes maximum to help avoid losing attention.
  • You can lose attendees’ attention before the meeting even starts.
  • Attendees may choose to multi-task during the presentation anyway.
  • If you have a qualified presenter, then videotaping a live presentation is generally better than recording a web meeting. Viewers often feel the presenter’s recorded presentation is more interesting than a web meeting.
  • Experience with other organizations strongly suggests that your ROI will be better via a live presentation. Users “get it.”
  • If you do choose to present a web meeting and/or video recorded live presentation, I suggest you notify the remote attendees ahead of time that they will be required to fill out an answer form (basically a test) afterwards. This may encourage them to pay even more attention during the presentation.

Next time I will focus on using a live presenter as the delivery method.

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