Do you use video on your website?

by | Nov/24/2010

In case you haven’t noticed video clips are becoming very important on websites. If your website does not have videos and your competition does you could be missing out.

In fact some users append the word “video” to the end of their searches in search engines. Whether your video is a how-to video, a video showing off your products, or even a funny video, this can attract viewers to build traffic on your site. Video is very important.

Be sure to tag your videos with keywords that will lead people to your products and services. Drawing traffic to your website through videos can make a big difference in your organization’s success in search engines.

Videos don’t have to look super professional either. You can even use videos made with a webcam, a cell phone, or a small camera such as the Flip camera. Even short, one-minute videos on your website can be very helpful. In fact, keeping the videos short can encourage more people to watch them.

Talk to your web design company today and get some videos on your website if they aren’t already there.

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