Viruses on Macs? Really?

by | May/2/2012

Really. Two recent outbreaks have Mac users thinking about whether they need to consider more security.

Early in April 2012, the Flashback Trojan infected an estimated 500,000 Mac computers. If you think your Mac may be infected, visit the link below to determine if it is and find step-by-step instructions to fix the problem:

Flashback takes advantage of a problem in Java. Another virus named Sabpub came out shortly after Flashback and Sabpub exploits the same problem.

How do you protect yourself? Patch Java on your system—or remove it all together. Among others, use some of the same tried and true defenses:

  1. Update your OS. Click on the apple symbol in the top left-hand corner of your screen and choose update.
  2. Update your applications. Some of the most attacked are Java, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Reader.
  3. Be careful what attachments you open and links you click on.
  4. Be aware that you are at risk for what is known as a “drive-by-download.” Most attacks involve tricking a trusting user. The attackers become more cunning each time.
  5. Anti-virus tools are getting better and better for Macs—especially now that the market demand is increasing.
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