Users are one of your most vulnerable assets

by | Jul/8/2009

Criminals can access your network when your users unknowingly make it easy for them.

Would your users plug in a USB memory stick “just to see what is on it?” The act of plugging in the memory stick could set off a chain reaction that leads to a breach of your most confidential data.

What will your users do if someone calls saying they are helping your IT professional and the IT professional needs to know their password? That might be a hacker calling to get a password from your user.

Would a twenty-something employee at your office install some peer-to-peer software for use on their break? That could expose your most sensitive files to hackers. This is how the plans to the president of the United States helicopter’s defense systems were leaked to enemies.

Would a user copy important data to a removable media device or a laptop and then lose the item? This could result in a data breach and also lead to your needing to send out notification letters to everyone you have ever done business with. The damage to your branding could be very serious.