What Will You Do if Your Customers’ Spam Filters Block Your Messages?

by | Dec/3/2019

One of the ways your spam filter helps to stop unwanted messages is to block messages from mail servers with a bad reputation for spamming. What will you do if your company gets labeled as a spammer? First of all, nobody will receive your company’s messages.

What will you do when you send invoices, but your customers never receive them?

When you reply to your customers’ email messages, and they never receive your reply, what will you do when they think you are ignoring them?

What if your prospects never hear back from you?

Being blacklisted can cause havoc at your company because of lost communications. A common way to get blacklisted is to send repetitive email messages, such as a newsletter, from your email server. Instead of risking being blacklisted, many organizations use an email newsletter service to send newsletters.

A growing problem is when attackers take over your email server to send spam. The next thing you know, you’ll be blacklisted, and your email messages won’t reach your recipients. AI technology escalates the sensitivity of spam filters that feed blacklists.

Over the past several weeks numerous customers experienced instances when their email messages do not reach customers who use Office 365. Microsoft’s spam filter is very aggressive, and it is close to impossible to get Microsoft to stop blocking your organization’s email messages after their servers disapprove of your email addresses.

Sometimes your messages are blocked because of a long signature.

Even if an attacker cannot access your servers, all they need is one user’s email address in your company. If they use the user’s account to send out spam messages, spam filters may put your entire domain on a blacklist.

The key is to protect your email accounts and your email servers. Be sure your network and cloud security is substantial. Revisit your email server’s security, as well as your users’ accounts security, regularly to avoid being blacklisted.

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