So how is Windows 7 in business?

by | Nov/11/2009

Windows 7 is out, about, and is working great! If you have not let your IT professionals set up a test machine on Windows 7 to see how compatible the new operating system is in your environment, now is a great time to let them start.

I am using Windows 7 64-bit on two of my production machines, including the main laptop I carry to clients, and the machine is working very well. I am thrilled because the computer performs around four times faster than XP 32-bit ever did on this hardware. I am able to get more done in less time than ever before and that made the conversion worthwhile.

I invite you to post your Windows 7 experiences in this blog.


  1. Michael Cooper

    Also converted directly from 32bit XP to 64bit Win 7. Within the first hour I declared I’d never go back! Am still currently running into some software packages which don’t want to install because the OS is not supported (the install script won’t even try). Not sure if this is because it’s Windows 7 or 64 bit or both. I’m sure that will get worked out.

    I have noted that the recent ‘MAC/PC’ commercials have a subtle twist of note. When Vista arrived, they openly mocked the product and the UAC controls, etc. With Windows 7, they have switched their tact to mocking Microsoft for asking us to trust them on this version when we have been disappointed before. – Notice the difference?! They aren’t mocking this product at all – but rather trying to taint Win 7 with the history of Vista, etc.

    That, to me, says a lot.


  2. Mike Foster

    That is a great point Michael! Maybe they hope people won’t even try Windows 7 to see how much better it is.


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