Yes, Windows 8 Looks like Windows 7

by | Jun/6/2013

I still encounter many senior level executives that are determined to stay away from Windows 8 as long as possible. It is usually because they don’t know: When you switch to Windows 8, there is no learning curve. Make the move. Windows 8 is faster, more reliable, and more secure.

Yes, the advertisements for Windows 8 devices show the interface with all the square and rectangular tiles that are full of moving pictures. Someday maybe you’ll like that interface. But, for now, just tap the tile named “desktop.”

Ta-da! You are in familiar territory! It looks, feels, tastes and smells like Windows 7.

All of your existing software runs. Microsoft Office, Chrome, Firefox, your ERP, Adobe, PowerPoint, Mindjet, Carbonite, and even that program the guy named Joe wrote for you four years ago. Everything! And it seems like you are in Windows 7. Your IT professional can perform any tweaks you want.

You already know how to use Windows 8. It is faster, better, and more secure. What are you waiting for?