Your Work From Home Users are Like a Box of Chocolates

by | Sep/11/2020

Because of so many work from home users, the Internet is like a box of chocolates for attackers.

Step 1: Attackers compromise work-from-home users.
Step 2: They gain access to their company.
Step 3: They bite into the company to discover what’s inside.

There are so many work from home users; this is a target-rich environment.

1. You must harden remote users’ systems against attacks. Secure their connections.
2. When possible, issue laptops, so your IT team has more control over your remote users’ security.
3. Implement user training and phish testing. Please say if you’d like us to provide phish testing and online training for your users. We do all the work so your IT teams can focus on their other tasks.

Please forward this to your friends so they realize their remote users must be more secure than ever, and attackers target them indiscriminately.