5 More Things to Love about Apple

by | Dec/26/2013

Apple has wonderful traits. Last week were the first 5 of 10, and here are the remaining 5 things Apple does so well…

And before you label me as a Microsoft hater, know that is incorrect. I enjoy products and services from both companies very much.

6. Similarly to the hardware, think about the “Apps.” Even when Apple applications don’t claim to have so many features, Apple products work as advertised. Though they’ve gotten so much better, in the past: if a Microsoft application’s feature doesn’t work properly, why do they publish that the feature “works?”

7. Most Apple customers have nothing bad to say about Apple’s tech support experience. One reason is that most Apple customers never need to use support at all. My experience with Microsoft is that they don’t know the answer to problems, and they seem to think that I’m willing to become part of their troubleshooting team, “try this, try that, what does this do, what if you do this? Ok, reinstall Windows and call me in the morning.” No thank you.
It is important to note: My experience with the Surface, Windows 8.1, and the latest version of MS Office has (so far) been spectacular. Microsoft sure got that one right!

8. There are always features in Apple products that make people say, “Oh wow! I never thought about having that feature and it is so cool!” For example, the “Burst Mode” of their camera feature is amazing. If you haven’t experienced it yet, you can point the camera at a scene, such as your kid doing something fun, and hold down the camera’s “take a picture” button. The camera takes many photos every second until you let go. Then, whenever you have time, you can go back to see all the pictures a simply select the one (or more) you like best and tell the device to “keep” those and throw the rest away. Makes it a ton easier to catch those otherwise tough shots.

9. Apple is willing to “change the world.” They sure did that with the original idea of really cool fonts (remember those days?), portable music players, and then with iPhones and iPads. What is their next big success going to be? To further promote “put all of your applications in the cloud?”

10. Apple provides competition in the marketplace. When “nobody does it better” than Microsoft, then Microsoft won’t be driven to step up too. Android is in the mix now. Of all 10 the best things, this is the benefit I like the most.

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