5 Things to Love about Apple

by | Dec/19/2013

Apple has a lot of great things going for it. Here are 5 of the biggest ones:

1. Apple Stores! Isn’t it so neat that someone can walk into a store, experiment with the products, have workers who are very familiar with the products, and – if you decide to – you can buy a device right then and there.

2. Apples have a “cool” factor that is tough (though perhaps not impossible) to match. And many Apple users know how cool it is.

My wife phoned me immediately after last week’s newsletter, about Apple computers not having touchscreens, and announced, “You were way too harsh about Apple this time!”
“But Honey,” I explained, “We get the most responses on the blogs when I’m controversial about Apple.” She replied, “There is a difference between being controversial and adversarial!”

As usual, she is right. My wife said to tell you about her Apple Tattoo. That was a surprise to me too.

I do enjoy Apple, own and use two MacBook Airs that are a big part of every week for work. On the road, I carry two Airs and one Surface. I do use the Surface the most but don’t make up your mind until you’ve tried them both.

Bottom line: I respect Apple and enjoy their products. In fact, in many cases working with top level executives, I recommend to them the Apple (especially the Air) after finding out what their wants and needs are. Some dearest friends, and my lovely wife, are total Mac people too.

3. Apple’s “No-questions asked” 14 day return policy. Where else can you go buy a piece of hardware that you can use, including reloading the operating system with a new one such as Windows, connect every peripheral imaginable to test compatibility, and then can return it if it doesn’t suit your needs? After 14 productive days, you are likely to ask yourself how you ever lived without it. Or not. Isn’t it great for you to be able to find out?

4. Apple is a leader in the marketplace. Not just by selling so much hardware, but in the past, they’ve been “first to market” with features that none of their competitors had even thought of yet. Often, Apple defines the cutting edge. Though there is controversy, many Apple fans will tell you how the Macintosh was the first computer to even have a mouse – and then everyone else copied Apple.

5. Apple products actually work when you get them out of the box. Even “first releases.” Thank goodness, users of Windows products can now enjoy the same experience, but Apple was the first. Apple has the longest running record. Having confidence in the products you purchase is a huge buying factor for most people.

Keep an eye out: Next week will be the 5 more of 10 things to love about Apple.