A Way to Control Consultant Access – Every Time

by | Aug/29/2016

What if you’d like to know each and every time a consultant attempted to access your systems? And would you like the ability to approve or deny each attempt?

At a client’s office this week, one of the IT Professionals had an interesting idea. He can configure two-step logon to contact him, not the consultant, for login verification.

If you configure this at your office, here is how it would work: First, the consultant would enter their username and password to login to your network. Then, an app on your smartphone would indicate that the outsourced consultant is trying to gain access. Then, you will be able to choose to allow or deny the consultant’s login attempt.

This IT Professional wants to know, in real-time, when someone is attempting to log on to his network. If you use this arrangement, you will have the capability to permit them or deny them access each and every time.

It is an interesting idea.